My Best Self (250 words)

Many a man dreams of accomplishing great achievements in life. To be able to acquire them is like having one’s dreams come true. I have set many goals in my life and achieved most of them. I married my childhood sweet-heart who bears me four healthy children,three of them in local universities. I have fulfilled my ambition to be a teacher, currently drawing a monthly pay of about RM5,000. I bought three comfortable houses in Seberang Jaya and Sungai Petani and I own two mini markets in my neighbourhood.Cars,I have a silver-coloured Proton Waja,a dark-blue Proton Wira and a white MyVi. Moneywise,I have more than RM250,000 in Amanah Saham Bumiputra(ASB), some RM50,000 in Tabung Haji and a few thousands here and there in local banks.

My money comes mostly from business ventures. Aside from the two mini markets,I am also a co-partner of a restaurant in Glenmarie,Shah Alam with my remiser cousin.I also invested in Bukit Merah Aqua Culture nearby Bukit Merah Laketown Resort which gives me another RM30,000 monthly income for the next 20 years or so. Most people would say that I’m a rich man but I prefer to remain low-profile. I never show off my hard-earned wealth.I like to dress casually,except when I go to work. More often than not,I like driving my old ,faithful Proton Wira almost everywhere,using my Proton Waja and my MyVi only for special occasions. I guess being born an orphan almost from birth makes me a humble,down-to-earth man I am today.I thank ALLAH for giving me all these blessings.

Marriage in Heaven
Selamat Pengantin Baru
A Happy Family.
Keluarga bahagia
Lovely house
Rumahku Syurgaku

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