My Desasiswa
USM Desasiswa

I do have plenty of happy and memorable moments starting from as long as I can remember. However, there is one particular moment I would like to share with all readers. The day I went for an interview to join the teaching profession. That was in early January 1981 while I was already working as a FELDA Officer back in Palong 8,Gemas,Negeri Sembilan.I had been working for almost three years in the pre-production rubber plantation right smack in the middle of nowhere and very much longed for another occupation with better perspective. Imagine my surprise when my application was approved and I was asked to go for an interview at SMK Paroi near Seremban. So, on that particular day, I woke up before dawn and rode my Suzuki 125 scrambler towards Seremban. Since it was still drizzling, I wore a supposedly water-proof rain-coat. Still, I was soaking wet when I reached the school before 8.00 o’clock in the morning. The interview would start an hour later, hence I had plenty of time to spare. The rain had stopped but the ground was still wet. I stopped by a food stall, had my breakfast and exchanged  my wet clothes into formal ones with blazer, neck-tie and all. Just  about ten minutes before nine,I rode to the school feeling content and confident. Unfortunately, as I was approaching the gate, a garbage truck zoomed out of the school compound. I braked my motorcycle just in time to avoid a nasty accident, the truck barely missing me by inches. But, my trouble was not over yet. Due to the rain ,a pond water had formed in the laterite  road beside the gate. The water was dirty with red clay. As the truck zoomed past, the front tires missed the pond but the rear tires  crashed into it, splashing my clean, white shirt and blazer with red muck. Watching the truck zoomed away, I  felt like crying .Gone were my confidence and hope. However ,since I had already come that far, I stubbornly went on for the interview, regardless of the consequences. Right away I was scolded sarcastically by the interviewers for being improperly dressed. Unfit for a teacher ,they said. The first five minutes was a torture. After that, the interview went on as usual but I had very little hope of success. After that fateful day, I went back to work without thinking much of that interview. One week later, I received a letter informing of my successful interview and asking me to report for teacher training  as soon as possible. I guess the interviewers were very much impressed by my  oratory and communicative skills, a trademark for teachers.Maybe they sympathized with my misfortune.  Had I failed that interview ,things would have turned out differently and all my preparations would had been in vain then.                     (479 words)

Written by: Ismail bin Omar





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