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Hikayat Panglima Agung

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Manuskrip HPA sudah siap sepenuhnya tetapi masih menunggu proses penerbitan. Buat masa sekarang tiada siapa yang sanggup menajanya. Sebarang tajaan dialu-alukan. Tajaan boleh berbentuk perkongsian 50-50 atau pinjaman tanpa faedah untuk menrealisasikan impian serta cita-cita saya. Hubungi saya melalui email atau nombor telefon 017-4134011/011-15434019.A_HPA_book cover

Emai baru

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Sebarang komen,sila tulis ke alamat ini > Ikhlas dari Ismail bin Omar

Of Law,Order and Disorder

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Of Law and (dis)Order.

9. Malay-Bugis Dictionary

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9. Dictionary.

Preview the Future Design of the WordPress Dashboard

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Ismail Omar:

Spurb design for superb bloggers.

Originally posted on News:

Though nothing stays still for long with WordPress, the design of your blog’s dashboard hasn’t changed much lately. While we’ve added new features and made some adjustments along the way, the dashboard has been looking forward to a refresh for some time. With that in mind, seven weeks ago, a scrappy gang of web designers and developers teamed up to explore how to do just that. We asked ourselves the question: “What should a modern version of WordPress look like?” We decided that:

  • It should have a simple, uncluttered design; free of excessive decoration and focused on your content.
  • It should use webfonts for beautiful, legible typography that’s consistent in every browser.
  • It should have a responsive design that’s tailored to PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • It should do all this while retaining the familiar, user-tested dashboard interface that millions of users already understand.

Screenshot of the new dashboard design

We’ve drawn new icons, increased contrast and font…

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g. Bulu Alauna Tempe

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tuRu ton lurEtoto, aj mu elg-elg, al n boloamko

via g. Bulu Alauna Tempe.

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Ismail Omar:

The Sulu Sultan Conspiracy

Originally posted on SeaDemon Says:

When the late Gene Roddenderry wanted an Asian character to be part of the crew of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise, he wanted a surname that does not represent any particular nation. George Takei, an actor in the world-renowned TV show recalled how Roddenderry opened up a map, looked at Asia and saw the Sulu Sea and exclaimed:

“Ah! The waters of that sea touch all shores!”

That was how the character Hikaru Sulu got his name.

And how true it is that the Sulu Sea has now touched on the raw and sensitive parts of the shores of both Malaysia and the Philippines.

I wrote some days back on the current stand-off in Lahad Datu and it is today Day 11th since a group of armed men claiming to represent the Sultan of Sulu landed in Lahad Datu, Sabah in Malaysia, asking for the return of Sabah to the…

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